Fundamentals of Improvisation


Fundamentals of Improvisation

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Instrument: Guitar Classical & Electric Guitar
Level : 1
Prof.: Lautaro Mantilla

“Fundamental of Improvisation:
Prof. Lautaro Mantilla

April 3 – June 26

In this hands-on class, students will be introduced to creative ways to explore and develop their guitar technique and the possibilities of musical growth and unique approaches to learning and playing the instrument. By studying selected contemporary methodologies of improvisation, students will learn the fundamentals of rhythm, harmony, melody, and ear training. Selected repertoire and practical exercises will guide students down the path of finding their own voice and creating their own musical journey while they gain a better understanding of composition and improvisation for the guitar.

Non Credit Tuition $565

No previous experience required.


Students should have their instruments and at least one year of basic knowledge of the instrument. Music reading is not required
No books are required
Computer access to zoom, microphone & computer’s camara
Students should sign the EFGA ZOOM privacy & attendance policy.


Primacy of the Ear
by Ran Blake (2011)
Perpetual Frontier: The Properties of Free Music
by Joe Morris (2012)
By Derek Bailey (1993)

Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 Technique/Creativity applied to the Guitar
Lesson 3 Postures of interaction in Improvisation I
Lesson 4 Harmonic Improvisation applied to the Guitar
Lesson 5 Ear Training I applied to the Guitar
Lesson 6 Postures of interaction in Improvisation II
Lesson 7 Rhythmic Improvisation I applied to the Guitar
Lesson 8 Rhythmic Improvisation II applied to the Guitar
Lesson 9 Postures of interaction in Improvisation III
Lesson 10 Ear Training II applied to the Guitar
Lesson 11 Melodic Improvisation applied to the Guitar
Lesson 12 Final Remarks

By the end of the course you will learn:

A solid foundation of guitar technique
how to create and develop your own improvisation ideas
Performance confidence

Prof. Dr. Lautaro Mantilla

LAUTARO MANTILLA, DMA is a guitarist, composer, and improviser from Bogotá, Colombia. In his performances, he typically combines guitar, extended vocalization techniques, and homebuilt electronics to create music that is both viscerally affecting and conceptually rigorous. Based in Boston, Lautaro is active in the NY and Boston music scenes and is a faculty member of the Contemporary Musical Arts department, where he co-produces the departmental concerts, teaches Ensembles and Studio lessons, in addition to serving as Chair of Contemporary Musical Arts Preparatory School, Continuing Education at New England Conservatory and Improvisation chair at Eliot Fisk Guitar Academy.

Lautaro holds a Bachelor’s degree in Classical guitar from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá (Colombia), a Master’s in guitar and improvisation and a Doctorate in composition, both from New England Conservatory.


Non Credit Tuition $565 
No previous experience required.


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