Guitar Love

Guitar Love

I’m sure you would agree with me that the most musical, versatile, noble and loyal instrument ever is the guitar! The guitar is capable of reaching our inner voice like no other instrument. 

Not only its magical colors and tones makes us feel welcome, the guitar also makes us believe it is part of our body. Thanks to this feeling, we can express how we deeply feel without words, just by playing the guitar and producing sounds it’s enough to let all that love out to the universe! 

From a simple melody to a romantic chord or passionate rasgueados, we suddenly are being transported to a romantic memory or an excited fantasy that is about to happen. The feeling is so strong that it is impossible to resist a sweet smile full of vanilla flavor or tears full of nostalgic love. 

Whatever the flavor is, the guitar will always produce the unique effect of freedom, a nude sensation that gives us the opportunity to be fulfilled with happiness. 

  …4pm in the afternoon, you are in your room, waiting for the time to write that e-mail or to send that message to declare your love… But what is really the best way to do it? Would a letter, poem be enough to really express how we feel? No way, that’s not enough and we know that! 

Pick your guitar and record yourself! let her/ him/ them know you have fallen deeply in love… 

The guitar not only helps us to express ourselves, it also helps us to find a great group of people, a precious partner, the best pet companion and so on . It is one of those instruments that carries the most subtle volume that can calm down any beast. All our anxieties goes away when we hear a guitar tuning, not only please us, it also heals us. 

Three steps to fall in love with the Guitar:

1.- Get yourself a guitar, and start playing whatever comes out of your heart. There is no room for fear or insecurities, it is just you starting to take off to a new adventure!

2.- Write down on a piece of paper the style of music you like the most. Try to play it on the guitar, there are plenty of free videos on Youtube to do it.

3.- You may feel limited , free Youtube videos may not be enough for you. Therefore, find yourself a teacher or coach to guide you with technique, It is worth developing the coordination of your body to be able to reach your possibilities.

To fall in love, it is important you first fall in love with yourself and the guitar. If you are happy with your life, and the music you are playing , that special person will fall in love with you immediately !

-Zaira Meneses, February 01/ 2023

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